“Traditional” Theme or cPanel/WHM Clone theme for Directadmin

Here is a theme for Evolution, which is named “traditional”. As it’s layout-only thing, you get new features with every update of Evolution¬† ¬†It’s first iteration, so, if you’d like something to be applied for this specific subtheme – please mention it in this thread. To get it installed:1) Make sure DirectAdmin version is at… read more »

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Install Zend Optimizer/Guard, Ioncube.

For Zend, type: cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild./build set zend yes./build zendafter changing php versions, it’s recommended you install zend again.Note that Zend Guard is the new name for Zend Optimizer, and is used for newer versions of php. Custombuild will install the correct one for your system. For Ioncube, type: cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild./build set ioncube yes./build ioncubeThe “./build… read more »

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Enabling Multiple PHP versions On DirectAdmin

It is convenient to have multiple PHPs in a server. DirectAdmin control panel has this feature available. With this, you can have legacy PHP versions to the latest stable versions. This will allow the server to support legacy software along with the latest software. This can be achieved by using the CustomBuild tool which is… read more »

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