How to Set up and Configure Root User on AlmaLinux 8 with Username ‘almalinux’

AlmaLinux 8, like many other Linux distributions, typically sets up the root user during the installation process. The root user is usually created with a password that you provide during installation. However, if for some reason you need to change the root password or if it wasn’t set during installation, you can use the following steps to set it:

  1. Login as the Default User:
    Log in to your AlmaLinux system using the username “almalinux” (or the username you provided during installation) and the corresponding password.
  2. Open a Terminal:
    Once logged in, open a terminal. You can usually find it in the applications menu or use a keyboard shortcut like Ctrl + Alt + T.
  3. Switch to Root:
    To set or change the root password, you will need to have superuser privileges. You can switch to the root user by using the following command and entering the password for the “almalinux” user:

    su -
  4. Change Root Password:
    Use the passwd command to change the root password. If you are already root, simply type:


    If you are not root, you can use:

    sudo passwd

    Follow the prompts to enter and confirm the new root password.

  5. Exit Root:
    Once you’ve changed the root password, you can exit the root shell by typing:


Now, you should have successfully set or changed the root password on your AlmaLinux system.

Please note that it’s crucial to keep your root password secure and only provide it when necessary, as it grants full administrative privileges on the system.

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