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Apache vs. Nginx vs. LiteSpeed: Unraveling the Differences

In the world of web servers, Apache, Nginx, and LiteSpeed stand out as three of the most popular and widely used options. Each has its unique features, performance characteristics, and configuration options, making the choice between them a critical decision for web developers and administrators. This article delves into the nuances of these web servers,… read more »

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How to Set up and Configure Root User on AlmaLinux 8 with Username ‘almalinux’

AlmaLinux 8, like many other Linux distributions, typically sets up the root user during the installation process. The root user is usually created with a password that you provide during installation. However, if for some reason you need to change the root password or if it wasn’t set during installation, you can use the following… read more »

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Configuring CentOS 7 Boot Order: Managing System Startup Preferences

To ensure your CentOS 7 system boots up with the desired configuration, you can manipulate the boot order settings using the following steps: Check the Current Boot Order: To determine the current boot order configuration, execute the command: grub2-editenv list The output will display the saved_entry value, which represents the default boot entry. For example:… read more »

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Install a Specific or older Version of cPanel & WHM

Introduction: In certain cases, you may need to install a specific version of cPanel & WHM on your server. While it is generally recommended to have the most up-to-date version, there are situations where installing a particular version is necessary. Please note that we advise installing only the cPanel versions listed in the provided tiers…. read more »

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Benchmark VPS/Dedicated Server with a single command – VPS performance test ssh

Run either command on your VPS. Script 1 curl -sL yabs.sh | bash Or wget -qO- yabs.sh | bash Script 2 wget -qO- bench.sh | bash Or curl -Lso- bench.sh | bash Script 3 wget freevps.us/downloads/bench.sh && bash bench.sh -io && rm -f bench.sh* VPS CPU BenchMark test wget https://vhwinfo.com/vhwinfo.sh & sh vhwinfo.sh  1,798 total views

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Preconfiguring cPanel Installation with Desired MySQL Version – cpanel profile install mariadb

Introduction In order to ensure that your desired version of MySQL is installed right from the beginning, it is possible to preconfigure a cPanel installation. By following a simple procedure, you can specify the MySQL version you want during the installation process. Procedure If you are setting up a new server without cPanel installed, perform… read more »

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Convert Excel Files to CSV – Windows Script

Instructions Copy both files into the directory containing the files you want converted Run excel-to-csv.bat Note: This script requires Excel to be installed. excel-to-csv.bat FOR /f “delims=“ %%i IN (‘DIR *.xls* /b’) DO to-csv.vbs “%%i“ “%%i.csv“ to-csv.vbs if WScript.Arguments.Count < 2 Then WScript.Echo “Please specify the source and the destination files. Usage: ExcelToCsv <xls/xlsx source file>… read more »

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How to Search for Files and Folders Recursively via SSH

You need to use the following command to search for a file called FileName.txt under the current folder including all subfolders find ./ -type f -exec grep -l “text to find” {} \; find . -name FileName.txt If you are unclear about the file name or want to match a part of the file name,… read more »

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XRDP – Install XRDP RDP on Ubuntu – Easiest way

sudo apt-get install xrdp sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install mate-core mate-desktop-environment mate-notification-daemon sudo sed -i.bak ‘/fi/a #xrdp multiple users configuration \n mate-session \n’ /etc/xrdp/startwm.sh  3,271 total views,  6 views today

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